Bishop Allen - The Bullet Big D chords

The Bullet & Big D
Bishop Allen
EP. Collection Vol.1

This song is a few cents flat, so make sure you tune down if you're gonna play along.

I apologize for the spacing of the chords.  While they originally were perfectly spaced 
with the chord changes, Ultimate Guitar isn't too friendly with Macs.

A EOn Monday Dealey Plaza fills
A E C#mwith people on the way
A Eto the court houses and meeting rooms
C#m E Dbut me, I'm free today
D EAnd I traced the path the motorcade
A Dtook back in sixty-three:
D E A Dpast the grassy knoll into the book depository.
A D A DThey put in a museum where they say the shots were fired.
A DIt's closed today but I don't mind;
EI'm already getting tired.
A EThere's photographs and headlines
A E C#mand diagrams of the street.
A ETheyre showing the Zapruder film;
C#m E Dit's always on repeat.
D ELast night I dreamt I was the bullet
A Dfrom frame 313;
D E A Dthe one that scattered his head around the limousine.
A D A DI was right there for his final thoughts of John John and Jackie
D E Aand oh my God Big D.
Interlude: A, A, A, E, D, x4
A E A E C#mBack then everybody worried further to the south.
A E C#m E DMissiles screamed across Miami, trail and fall out.
D E A DTeachers drilled their students hiding underneath their desks
D E A Dto fear the twitchy trigger finger of old Krushchev.
A D A DBut Cuba couldn't kill nobody, not like Dallas could.
A D EWhen I was growing up there, I understood
A ERemember when Id pick you up
A E C#moutside your mothers house?
A E C#m E DThe two of you were fighting, and we promised we'd get out
D E A DOut far from the narrowness and the confines and the doubt.
D E A DWe'd leave behind all that we know and never turn around.
A D A DCut the strings and tear away from all that kept us down
D E Aand oh my god big D
Interlude: A, A, A, E, D, x4 A, E, A, E, C#m, A, E, C#m, E, D, D, E, A, D, D, E, A, D, A, D, A, D, A, D,E,
A E A E C#mNow I fly out of Laguardia, or out of JFK
A E C#m E Dand I land at DFW and I drive down LBJ
D E A Dand the houses and the shopping centers, don't make me afraid.
D E A DWhy they ever did, it's hard now to explain
A D A DBut you, you never really left, for you was it the same?
D E AAnd oh my god Big D
Interlude: A, A, A, E, D, x4
A E A E C#mNovember 22nd I was at the kitchen sink
A E C#m E DJust like everyone remembers where they were in 63.
D E A DThe shudder that shot through me with that unexpected call.
D E A DI locked the bathroom door and hit my fist against the wall.
A D A DI should of come to rescue you, I should have should have yes
A D EWhat happened in the past ten years, I coulda guessed
A E A E C#mRemember when Id carry you, and lay you in your bed?
A E C#m E DAnd promised to take care of you, but I just left instead.
D E A DLast night I dreamt I was the pills you swallowed down.
D E A DI tried to come back up, but you wouldn't let me out.
A D A DAnd I couldn't help but wonder, did think of me?
D E Aand oh my god big D
A, A, A, E, D, x4
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