Bitch Alert - El Diablo Ande Suelto tab

	Band: Bitch Alert -
	Song: El Diablo ande suelto (Loveson single)
This is the whole song. It has basicly one and same riff all the time. The strumming is 
correct so listen to the song to find correct rhytm.

 Guitar 1

E5 F#5 G5 | C5 A5 e||------------------------|| H||------------------------|| G||--------------|--5---2--|| D||-2----4---5---|--5---2--|| A||-2----4---5---|--3---0--|| E||-0----2---3---|---------||
"Guitar 2"
E5 F#5 G5 | C5 A5 e||--------------|---------|| H||--------------|---------|| G||-9---11---12--|--5---2--|| D||-9---11---12--|--5---2--|| A||-7---9----10--|--3---0--|| E||--------------|---------||
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