Bitter Sweet Alley – I Cant Find The Words chords

Left handed

Intro : Bm - G - D - A

Bm G A I speak my mind everyday
Bm G A i talk 'till i get my own way
Bm G A but all of the words that i use
Bm G D Acan't help me get through the youth(?)
Pre-Chorus :
Bm G D A You want me to tell you what's on my mind
Bm G D A C# it's no use i've tried to time after time
Chorus :
BmI wanna show my feelings for you
Di can't find the words to tell you
Bmafter all the time i've known you
Di can't find the words to tell you
Bm G A i lose my nerve when you're near
Bm G Awhy can't i make myself clear
Bm G Ai never felt this before
Bm G D Ai can't find the words anymore
Pre-Chorus Chorus
Bm G A You find the truth in my eyes
Bm G Athen maybe you realize
Bm G Athere's nothing more words could say
Bm G D Ayou stay only guest(?) in the way
Pre-Chorus Chorus
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