Bjork - Its Oh So Quiet tab

Artist : Bjork
Song   : It's Oh So Quiet 
Transcribed by Bryson Meunier 
Added By Mikhailo

        This song was an audience favorite when I saw Bjork in Cleveland,
Ohio about two months ago. All I figured out was the woodwind solo that
precedes Bjork's raucous fuse-blowing sessions. I should post the guitar
chords in the near future but this should be enough for simply playing along
with the record. Just supply power chords or something for the rest. Be
inventive. If you are able to figure out more of this song or any other
Bjork song or if you just have questions or comments, e-mail me at  Enjoy!

         "It's Oh So Quiet"(Hanslang/Reisfeld)

Performed by Bjork on "Post"(1995)

intro(some type of woodwind transcribed for guitar)- E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G-----------------15---------------15------------------| D--13----------13----12---------12-----10--------------| A-----------13--------------13---------------11--13----| E------------------------------------------------------|
After playing this once, Bjork says "Shhh!" at which point you'll want to play it again. After the second time comes the verse which goes something like this:
"quiet...shhh...shhhhh. It's oh so still,etc." E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------------------------| D----13-----------13---17---15----17-------------------| A------------13----------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
"You're all..." E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------------------------| D----16--15--------12---15---14---------15-------------| A--------------13--------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
"alone..." "...until." E-------------------------------------|----------------| B-------------------------------------|----------------| G-------------------------------------|----------------| D---------15---------12--15--14--15---|-----17---------| A----13----------13-------------------|----------------| E-------------------------------------|----------------|
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