Bjork - Who Is It tab

This is of course just an arrangement as there is no guitar on this song, or the whole
album for that matter!

Chord shapes:
Eb XX5343
Cm 335543
G 355433
Gm 355333
G# 466544

    Eb           Cm
His embrace -- a fortress
   Eb           Cm
It fuels me and places
              G      G#
A skeleton of trust, right beneath us
        G                  G#
Bone by bone, and stone by stone; if you ask yourself

Gm            G#
Now carefully -- and patiently
Who is it?

Eb        Cm
Who is it -- that never lets you down?
Eb           Cm
Who is it -- that gave you back your crown?
G                      G#       G
And the ornaments are, a-going around
G                            G#                      
Now they're handing it over, handing it over, handing!
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