Black Clint - Walking Away tab

Standard Tuning:
Capo 2
(everything in relation to capo)

Chords used: G Em Cadd9 D Dsus2 e|--3----0------3-----2-----0---|B|--3----0------3-----3-----3---|G|--0----0------0-----2-----2---|D|--0----2------2-----0-----0---| A|--2----2------3-----0-----0---|E|--3----0------0-----x-----x---|
e|--------------------------------|B|-0----0h1p0----3-----3--5------5|G|---0--------0----0--------0-----|D|--------------------------------| (x2)A|---------------2---2----3---3---|E|-3----3-------------------------|
Verse:e|--------------------------------|B|-0----0h1p0----3-----3--5------5|G|---0--------0----0--------0-----|D|--------------------------------| A|---------------2---2----3---3---|E|-3----3-------------------------|Its about the nights we spend locked up inside your room
e|--------------------------------|B|-0----0h1p0----3-----3--5------5|G|---0--------0----0--------0-----|D|--------------------------------| A|---------------2---2----3---3---|E|-3----3-------------------------|Its about the morning breaking always just a bit too soon
Pre-chorus:e|------------------------------------------|B|--------------------0-----------------3---|G|--------------------0-----------------2---|D|--------------------------------0-0-------| A|------------2-2---------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|Its about the way you're scared, baby
G Em Dsus2 Cadd9 just maybe I'm aware Dsus2 This is what you need 'cause Chorus: Cadd9 G Everytime you walk in the room, Em D I can't help myself I want to be with you. Cadd9 G With the mic, a quick check one-two, Em D Cadd9 (strum twice and mute) Singing out my lungs just to reach you. G Em D I'm alive, and I'll keep my cool one more Cadd9 Em Dsus2 time, and you just keep on walking by.
e|--------------------------------|B|-0----0h1p0----3-----3--5------5|G|---0--------0----0--------0-----|D|--------------------------------| (x2)A|---------------2---2----3---3---|E|-3----3-------------------------|
Verse 2: (Played the same way but more like strumming) I take it in to tell myself it's going to end up fine. It's all part of some master plan. We're all a little lost inside. Em Dsus2 Even if i ran right now, swore you off G Em Dsus2 Cadd9 I'd still come back some how. Dsus2 and here I am now. Repeat Chorus Bridge: G Em D I take a day to soak you in G Em D for a while, I'm hanging on the best i can G Em D let go, cause maybe if I felt it once, G Dsus2 Em Cadd9 then I could somehow feel it again.
Picked rapidlye|---------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------1-|G|------0----------0----------0----------0------------0----|D|--------0----------0----------0----------0------0h2------| A|----2----------2---------2----------2---------3----------|E|--0----------2---------3----------2----------------------|
Repeat Chorus
Outro:e|--------------------------------|B|-0----0h1p0----3-----3--5------5|G|---0--------0----0--------0-----|D|--------------------------------| (x2)A|---------------2---2----3---3---|E|-3----3-------------------------|
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