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Black Crowes – Magic Rooster Blues tab

Song Title: Magic Rooster Blues
TBC Original? Yes
Written By: Chris and Rich Robinson
Recording Session: None
Record: None
Live Debut: 04/17/2006
Shows: 12 times played live

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Tuning: CFCFAC (Open F- Open G down a full step)

This one was a pain to tab out.  I figured out most of it by watching the Chris and Rich
Brothers of a Feather DVD, and got the rest from two bootlegs I have (considering the
was never recorded or released).  This is only the rhythm part, minus any little fills
does in his rhythm playing.  It's easier to just improvise those.

Verse: | 1st ending | 2nd endingC-----------------------------------------------|-------------|-------------------------|A----8---8-----8-----8--6-----6--------x-x------|-x-(6)--/8---|--x-x----0---x--------0--|F----9---9-----------0----7-----7------x-x------|-x-(0)--/9---|--x-x----0---x-0------0--|C----10--10--9-------9------8-----8-7--x-x------|-x-(0)-8/10--|--x-x----0---x-0------0--|F-----------------0--------------------x-x--7h8-|-------------|--x-x-8\-0---x-0--3p0-0--|C-----------------------------------------------|-------------|-------------------------|
This is the best I could do for the end of the verse riff. Hit the muted strings with a stroke, then on the upstroke hit the indicated notes before immediately sliding up and the riff over (watch and listen to the Brothers of a Feather DVD). The 1st ending is up until the last line the verse. The second ending is played over the last line. Listen to the song for timing.
Black Crowes Live Interlude:C----0----0-------------------------------------0-----|A----1----3----5----5----7----7-----10----10----12----|F----0----4----5----6----7----8-----10----11----12----|C----0------------------------------------------0-----|F----2----4----5----6----7----8-----10----11----12----|C-----------------------------------------------------|
Brothers of a Feather Interlude:C------------------------------------------------------|-------------0--|A----5-5-5-5-5----3-3-3-3-3----3-3-3-3-3----3-3-3-3-3--|--3------/5--0--|F----0-0-0-0-0----0-0-0-0-0----0-0-0-0-0----0-0-0-0-0--|--0------/0--0--|C----x-x-x-x-x----x-x-x-x-x----x-x-x-x-x----x-x-x-x-x--|--0------/0--0--|F----5-5-5-5-5----4-4-4-4-4----3-3-3-3-3----2-2-2-2-2--|--3------/5--0--|C------------------------------------------------------|----------------|
The Brothers of a Feather interlude is pretty much straightforward, listen to the for the timing of the last measure. The way the Crowes do it is a bit different, and it's to tell if I got it right because all I have to judge by are audience recordings. This good enough to me.
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