Black Crowes - Exit tab

The Black Crowes
Song Title: Exit
TBC Original? Yes
Written By: C.R & R.R.
Recording Session: Unknown
Record: Never Released
Live Debut: 07/26/1992
Shows: 37 times played live
Notes: Recorded at Kingsway Studios in New Orleans on October 11, 1992 on an off day
the High As The Moon Tour. It was also recorded at Alley Studios in North Hollywood in late
1993 during the rehearsals for Tall. The song was relegated the same fate as other Alley 
recordings (Grinnin', One Cop Story, Painkiller and Wind And Wood Heart) and was
as a candidate for inclusion on the album.

Many live versions of this song have different lyrics, notably the 3/10/95 Chicago performance.

The above information was taken from

Tuning: DGDGBD (Open G)

While this song is relatively simple to play, it's tough to make out exactly what Rich
doing on the recordings I have, so this will be an approximation.

I sometimes throw in some open chords in place of the muted notes during the verse.
Solo rhythmD-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G------x-x-----x-x-----x-x-------------x-x--|D------x-x-5-7-x-x-----x-x-5-7-5-7-5-7-x-x--| x2G------x-x-5-7-x-x-----x-x-5-7-5-7-5-7-x-x--|D--3-5-------------3-5----------------------|
It's hard to make out exactly what Rich is playing during the second part of the solo but it sounds very similar to the intro. I can't tell if he's just hitting the chord or the same phrase as in the intro, but either way, the figure is two measures, with an G chord added on the last beat of the second measure.
The final part of the guitar solo is played over the chorus riff, which then leads back a final chorus.
Play this once directly after the last chorus, and immediately follow it with the next part:
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