Black Crowes - Virtue And Vice tab

The Black Crowes
Song Title: Virtue And Vice
TBC Original? Yes
Written By: Chris and Rich Robinson
Recording Session: By Your Side
Record: By Your Side, Live
Live Debut: 10/28/1998
Shows: 156 times played live
Notes: Regarding the January, 1998 version; the words and music of the verses are
to the verses of Then She Said My Name, the chorus is from Virtue And Vice, but with 

Rich has commented that he tried out over a dozen different verse structures around the
chorus for Virtue And Vice, which was the only element of the song that remained
from its inception. The January, 1998 version, with the Then She Said My Name verse 
must be one example of what Rich was talking about.

The above information was taken from

Tuning: DGDGBD (Open G)

Thanks to jakethesnake from the Amorica2 boards, who provided the basis for this tab.

The last note hear is only played right before the pre-chorus.
Pre-Chorus |Fill |Fill?D-------------------|--------------|-------------------|-------|B--5--5-6-5--3-0----|--------------|--3--3-4-3--1------|-------|G--5-------------0--|------0---0---|--3-----------2----|-------|D--5----------------|--0h2---2---2-|--3-------------3--|-------|G--5----------------|--------------|--3----------------|-------|D-------------------|--------------|-------------------|-------|
Rich might be playing a fill after the Bb chord, but due to the terrible mixing on the Your Side album, it's hard to tell what it is. Repeat the pre-chorus, and on the repeat, of the fill, play the second ending:
2nd endingD--------|B--------|G--------|D--4-----|G-----2--|D--------|
Solo RhythmD----------------------|B----------------------|G--2-2--3-3--4-4--5-5--|D----------------------|G--2-2--3-3--4-4--5-5--|D----------------------|
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