Black Crowes – One Mirror Too Many tab

The Black Crowes
Song Title: One Mirror Too Many
TBC Original? Yes
Written By: Chris and Rich Robinson
Recording Session: Three Snakes and One Charm
Record: Three Snakes and One Charm
Live Debut: 09/20/1996
Shows: 42 times played live
Notes: none at this time.

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Tuning: DGDGBD (Open G), with capo at 3rd fret.  All fret numbers are in relation to the capo.

This one was a little tougher to tab out because Rich is low in the mix and there are
overdubs on the album version, so I had to resort to the Rockpalast video on youtube
 This is a loose transcription of the basic parts of this song.  As with any Black 
song, improvising some of the rhythms and fills is encouraged.

Intro/VerseRiff AD-----------|B-----------|G-----------|D--0-0-0-0--|G--0-0-0-0--|D-----------|
On the album, it seems like one guitar is dedicated to playing these palm-muted open while a separate guitar plays the following passage:
Riff BD-----------------------------------------|B--0-1-3-5-0-3--0-1-3-5-0-6--0-1-3-5-5-0--|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------|
During live versions however, it seems like Rich plays a combination of both riffs A and B.
ChorusD-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-------------------------------|D--7--5-7--7--7-5-7-------------| x8G--7--5-7--7--7-5-7--5-7--------|D------------------------3-4-0--|
This part is hard to hear on the album (thanks to Marc Ford drowning it out), but this what I could gather from the youtube video.
Solo RhythmD--------------------|B--1----0----1----0--|G--0----0----0----0--|D--2----0----2----0--|G--0----0----0----0--|D--------------------|
These chords are held out.
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