Black Crowes – Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye tab

name: Ryan Vowell

artist: Black Crowes

SongTitle: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

Tabs: Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
Words and Music By Chris and Rich Robinson

Chords Used

F#m 244222
A   x0222x
E   022100
D   x00232
B   x2444x

A |-----------------------------------|--------------2------||------/----/~~~~---2-5---/------|-----------/-2--5p2--||----4/---4/----------x----4/--4p2--|---------4/----------||--------------------x--------------|---------------------||-----------------------------------|---------------------||-----------------------------------|---------------------|
F#m With my winter time A My idols and stage fright F#m In another night A Where the lights are loud and bright E D One dream from waking up saved E B Too shy to hold in the rage F#m I know no luxury A Of knowing what your eyes read F#m I know one million ways A To always pick the wrong thing to say E D A love that you never gave E B Always one time zone away D It's not out of spite A I just know what's right A So that's why D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D Bad luck blue eyes goodbye
F#m Sometimes a memory A Only sees what it wants to believe F#m And what's filled in between A Are days and nights that don't mean a thing E Such a simple suicide B A second chance never tried D And you don't understand A I need a helping hand D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye A So you think you've seen it all D Is that a fact? A So out your mouth a dictionary D Spouts about this and that A You got your do's and don'ts D Because and why A I don't trust no one who don't D Take their own advice D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D A Bad luck blue eyes goodbye D Bad luck blue eyes Tabbed by Ryan Vowell ( I figured since the Crowes don't have many tabs out there, that I would tab the entire Southern Harmony and Musical Companion album. The next song will be "Sometimes Salvation" with the full solo. Bad Luck has a significant meaning to me and a couple of my closest friends. So that is why I choose to tab it first. "So let's get to the point, lets roll another joint, turn the radio loud, I'm to alone to be proud, cause you don't know how it feels, no you don't know how it feels, you don't know how it feels to be me."-Tom Petty
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