Black Crowes – Seeing Things tab


RIFFS USED:FOR A:e|-------------------------|b|-------2-----------2-----|g|-----2---2-------2---2---|d|---2-------2---2-------2-|a|-0-----------0-----------|e|-------------------------|
FOR F#m7:e|-------------------------|b|-------2-----------2-----|g|-----2---2-------2---2---|d|---2-------2---2-------2-|a|-------------------------|e|-2-----------2-----------|
FOR A/G:e|-------------------------|b|-------2-----------2-----|g|-----2---2-------2---2---|d|---2-------2---2-------2-|a|-------------------------|e|-3-----------3-----------|
FOR D:e|-------2-----------2-----|b|-----3---3-------3---3---|g|---2-------2---2-------2-|d|-0-----------0-----------|a|-------------------------|e|-------------------------|
INTRO:A---------------------| - A - F#m7 - A - F#m7e|--------------------|b|--------------------|g|---------------2----|d|-------2------------|a|-2-/-4---4-\-2---0--|e|--------------------|
VERSE (use specificed riff): I find it hard to shed a tear A Brought it on yourself my dear F#m And wrong, yes I may be A Don't leave the light on for me F#m Cause I ain't coming home A/G It hurts me baby to be alone D Yes, it hurts me baby A etc.... BRIDGE: You won't find me bent down on my knees B E Ain't bendin over backwards baby B Not to please E CHORUS: Cause I'm seeing things for the first time G D A (repeat 3 times) In my life, in my life, yeah G D A Goda
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