Black Eyed Peas – Someday chords

Intro : Cm Bb F F

Cm Bb FSomeday I'm gonna get it right, my life
Cm Bb F Someday I'm gonna figure it out, maybe tonight
Cm Bb FCoz I know I'ma get it right
Cm Bb FAnd I know I'ma get it right
Cm Bb Someday, ooh ho hohoho
FOne day, ooh ho hohoho
[ The whole song use the same chords ] [] I'm 'bout to get it, 'bout to get-get-get it Can't do with little coz I'm big-big Willie I'm 'bout to do it just like Bill Gates did it Coz I was born, I was born to kill it Gimme more dollars, gi-gimme more dollars I need it bigger, I'm too big for smaller I keep on walking like I'm blue color I'm 'bout to get it, baby, inshaAllah CHORUS by Alex
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