Black Flag - Wasted tab version 3

Band - Black Flag
Song - Wasted
Album - First Four Years (Compilation)

Tabbed By: Tyler Freear (SumFX)

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Great Song With A Big Dispute About Who's Song It Is.
Black Flag OR Circle Jerks?

Both Versions Are Great As Are Both Bands!

Verse|-----------||-----------||-------7---| x8|-77777-7---||-77777-5---||-55555-----|
Final Chorus|-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-5555555555555555-33333333-----------||-5555555555555555-33333333-666-555-7-||-3333333333333333-11111111-666-555-7-||---------------------------444-333-5-|
Structure Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Final Chorus I Was A Hippie, I Was A Burnout, I Was A Dropout I Was Outta My Head I Was A Surfer, I Had A Skateboard, It Was So Heavy Man I Lived On The Strand I'VE JUST TABBED WASTED!
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