Black Flag - Retired At 21 tab

i couldn't find a tab for this song so i thought i'd have a go at it. i don't think the
is 100% right but i think the riff from the verse is pretty similar to what i've tabbed.
not sure how to tab the pattern exactly but if u listen to the song you'll get it. i'm 
the chords are pretty similar to these.

standard tuning.

the intro is played x2 and on the 2nd time you play the last progression (10, 12, 12,12, 12, 10) four times.introe-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G------6---------8----------9----------11---------------------|D-----7---7-----9---9-----10---10----12---12------------------|A----7-----7---9-----9---10-----10--12-----12-----------------|E---5-------5-7-------7-8--------8-10-------10----------------|
the chorus is the exactly same as the intro except it's played x4 instead of x2.versee--------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------------------|D---7777--55---55 13 12-----7777--55--555-35-------------------|A---7777--55---55 13 12-----7777--55--555-35-------------------|E---5555--33---33 11 10-----5555--33--333-13-------------------|
hope u enjoy it. it's an awesome song 2 play. tabbed by abe.
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