Black Keys – Sinister Kid chords

The basic chords for this song are Am Em Dm, I'm sure you can figure that out based on 
the song how the rhythm goes.  I think it sounds better if you CAPO on the 5th fret 
transposing into the fingerings of Em Bm Am.  You can try what you like.

CAPO 5 (optional)

Intro (Em Bm Am in rhythm with the bass)

Em (palm mute) Bm (Bend down entire chord)Well, the crooks are out
And the streets are gray You know I wouldn't have it Any other way, yeah
Em (palm mute) Bm (Bend down entire chord)Your mother's words
They're, they're ringing still But your mother Don't pay our bills, yeah
Em Bm Am EmA sinister kid, is a kid who
Em Bm Am EmRuns to meet his maker
Em Bm Am EmA drop dead sprint from the day he's born
Em Bm Am EmStraight into his makers arms
Em Bm Am EmAnd that's me, that's me
Em Bm Am EmThe boy with the broken halo
Em Bm Am EmThat's me, that's me
Em Bm Am EmThe devil won't let me be
Em (palm mute) Bm (Bend down entire chord)I got a tortured mind
And my blade is sharp A bad combination In the dark
Em (palm mute) Bm (Bend down entire chord)If I kill a man
In the first degree Baby, would you Would you flee with me? (Chorus Repeated as necessary)
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