Black Keys – Stack Shot Billy tab

The Black Keys
"Stack Shot Billy"

Nice slide tunning of DBDGBd for this song.

Main Riff

d|-0----0------------------------------------|b|-1h3--1-----------------1------------------|g|---------3--0-----0--3-----3--3p0----------| (Repeat)d|---------0-----3-----0---------------------|b|-0---------------------------------0--3----|d|-------------------------------------------|
Play for the intro, throughout the verses and for the fantastic wah-wah solo. He plays very loosely with lots of subtle variations, slight bends and vibrato. Have fun with it play around (Having said that he always plays 3p0 near the end of the riff). Oh, and away your pick and use your fingers like Dan does. Chorus
This is just a basic tab for the chorus - Again there is a fair bit of subtle variation you don't need to be fussy - have fun with it. Cheers, Duncan Lyrics Verse Stack shot Billy in the back of the head Stack made sure Billy Lyons was dead .45 pistol in Stack's right hand Sent him away to the promised land Chorus Stack shot Billy .45 Stack shot Billy Billy laid down and died Verse Stack Lee had himself an evil brain Loved his gun and his sweet cocaine Stack got quiet when the shadows fell Knew soon enough that he'd burn in hell Chorus Stack shot Billy .45 Stack shot Billy Billy laid down and died ============================== | s slide up | h hammer-on | p pull-off
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