Black Keys – Heavy Soul tab

Heavy Soul The Black Keys

This main riff in this song is simple and relatively easy to play.

The guitar that Dan plays on this song is his vintage Gibson Les Paul Special (the SG 
style) with 3 PAF pickups.

Not sure what amp he uses for this song.

The slide I use here on Riff 1 can also be played as a bend, it’s just a matter of 
Dan plays it with a bend.
Sorry, I’m too lazy to tab the solo out, but it’s really not that hard to figure out 
And you can probably improvise something yourself, just stick to the pentatonic blues scale 
the key of E.

The main riff is used on a bluesy "call-and-return" basis, and as such, play each part 
the riff between when your vocalist is singing.
If you've heard the song you know what I'm talking about.

Most of the time each riff is played alternately 6 times each, but there are a few spots 
the song where it changes to 4 times each.

Riff 1

Riff 2 (Rythym)E|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------|D|--2-2-------22-2-----------------------------|A|--2-2-------00-0-----------------------------|E|--0-0-3b4--------3b4-------------------------|
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