Black Keys - Desprate Man tab

one the * parts use a metal slide.
This isnt the whole song, i'm just adding more than i've seen on other versions.

*____metal slide
p____pull off
t____play w/ thumb

G G use slide G might be a G7, try it! t t ~~~~~~~~---3-----------3-------------- -3-- ---|---3-----------3-------------- -3-- ---|---4-----------4-------------- -4--or just G5 ---|---5-----3-----5--*3p0-3s\5*-- -3-- -5-|---5-3s\5------5-------------- -5-- -5-|-3-3---------3-3-------------- -3-- -3-|
then while he sings he just plays that 1st lick (hammered on):---3-------------3---------------------------|---3-------------3---------------------------|---4-------------4---------------------------|---5-------3-----5------3--------------------|---5--3h5--------5-3h5-----------------------|-3-3-----------3-3---------------------------|repeat till he stops singing then do the second part of the intro:
-----3--------------6b-------------------|-----3--6b-------------------------------|-----4-------(0)-5-----------------------|the (0)'s are very faint,-(0)-5-------(0)-5-----------------------|more of a pause really.-(0)-5-------(0)-3-----------------------|-(0)-3-----------------------------------|
~you could play 11 on the B string instead of the 6, but Dan doesn't.
I just came back in to edit this after watching the DVD.-the begining he plays the bass sounding G with his thumb and its more like: t ---3----------------------| ---3----------------------| ---4-----3----------------|etc. ---5-3h5------------------| -3------------------------|
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