Black Lab – Gates Of The Country tab

                Gates of the Country  -  Black Lab
Standard Tuning e,B,G,D,A,E

Don't know if this is actually how it's played but it sounds great...

        Em                  C              Em        G
        April. back in new york. the 31st floor. it seems somehow

        D             Em                       C              
        everything's changed. the kitchen too small. plates on the wall.

             G           D
        the sound of machinery.

        Em                   G                  Am
        May. where have you been? who were you running with? wasn't he

        C                         Em                 G        
        someone you used to call home? where is the ring? where is the boy

        who went traveling alone?


        G     D                   C                           
        she... is much better without me. she walks through the gates of the

                D              C            G                 
        country. hands at her sides. and i smile as i watch her walk by.
                       (in the air)-2nd CHORUS
        C                                             G     D
        somehow i see there are ships in her eyes. oh she... is much better

        off now.

        (in the air) replaces (at her sides) on the second chorus
        The second verse is played the same just with different lyrics...

        June. the curtain is shut. the patterns are cut. the maid who will
        wake you at dawn. pulls out a chair. pulls down your hair. it's just
        like you wanted.
        July. what's going on. what are you running from. why are you
        sleeping alone on the floor. some people change. others hang on till
        they can't anymore.

        That's all.
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