Black Lips - Not A Problem tab

Black Lips - "Not A Problem"

as transcribed by Superfister69

Intro & Chorus parts: 

Gtr. 1 (8x in the intro, 4x for the chorus)

Gtr. 2 plays C5 to A5 (4x after Gtr. 1 plays that lick 4x) Verse: (repeat parts 4x) Gtr. 1
Gtr. 2 A5 C5 D5 A5 //////// /////// //////// //////// Prechorus: (play progression 2x, the one guitar picks some of the notes in the chord) F5 G5 C5 A5 F5 G5 A5 //////// //////// //////// //////// //////// //////// //////// /////// Song Structure: Intro Verse Prechorus Chorus Verse (no real lyrics, just that laughter/screaming) Prechorus Chorus 2x then end on the C5 chord. enjoy!
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