Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - White Palms Only The Very End tab

This is my favourite part of the whole album. Its so Blasphamous(?) its fantastic

Ok the actual chords are

Bb           F            Gm          Eb
I'd wouldn't come back if I'd've been jesus
Bb              F                  Gm         Eb
I'm the kind of guy who leaves the scene of a crime

BUT - you can play  B, F#  Abm  E   which sounds better if you d0on't wanna play with
the record. Or you could tune your guitar down a semitone (or a 1/2 step as people seem
to call it here), and play the B F# Abm  E. The point is it sounds like they go down to
the E/Eb chord but you have to go up if you play in the key in standard tuning. Anyway
no-ones gonna read this.
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