Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Aint No Easy Way tab

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Ain't No Easy Way

Tune guitar to Open D (D A D F# A D)

Capo on 1st Fret.

Since this song is in open tuning between playing the chords
below play the open strings,
I haven't written the open stings down so the tab looks a little clearer.
Listen to the song to pick up the strumming pattern.
All notes are relative to capo.

Intro/Main Riff

D |---3b-------3b----------------------------------------|A |---2b---2---2b---3------------------------------------|F#|-------------------3----------------------------------|D |------------------------------------------------------|A |------------------------------------------------------|D |------------------------3b---0------------------------|
After playing the main melody above in each verse is the following bit. Again since it is in open tuning play most of the strings, you will know through trial and error which sounds best. Also remeber all is relative to the capo.
D |--------------------14b----------------------4b--|A |-------------------------------------------------|F# |---8--10--8--9--8--------8--10--8--8--9--8-------|D |-------------------------------------------------|A |-------------------------------------------------|D |-------------------------------------------------|
Slide Part To play the slide part is it best to use a slide for the little finger, that will make it easier to play the other chords. And again all relative to the capo.
D |-------------------------------------------------|A |-------------------------------------------------|F# |--0/5-5555--0/5-5555--0/5-553532-----------------|D |--0/5-5555--0/5-5555--0/5-553532-----------------|A |--0/5-5555--0/5-5555--0/5-553532-----------------|D |--0/5-5555--0/5-5555--0/5-553532-----------------|
Harmonica Part During the harmonica part there is a slight variation to the main riff.
D |---3---3-3-----------------------------------------|A |---2---2-2---3-------------------------------------|F#|----------------3----(play twice)------------------|D |---------------------------------------------------|A |---------------------------------------------------|D |---------------------------------------------------|
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