Black Sabbath – St Vitus Dance tab

band-black sabbath
song-St. Vitus Dance
tabbed by godsmackthatkid

Riff 1 - Need help here, something like - C I use 4th finger while holding C chorde|--------|-------|----------------|B|5---------------|------------5---|G|5-------7-5---5-|5-----------5---|D|5-----------7---|------------5---|A|3---------------|--3-6p5p3---3---|E|----------------|----------------|
C I use 4th finger while holding C chorde|---------|------|----------------|B|5--------6-5-5--|5-----------5---|G|5------5----7---|5-----------5---|D|5*--------------|5-----------5---|A|3*--------------|3---6p5p3---3---|E|----------------|----------------| * - let ring
Riff 2 C5 Bb5 Eb5 F5e|----------------|----------------|B|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|D|5-----5-5-----5-|1-----8-8\7/8-10|A|3-----3-3-----3-|3-----6-6\5/6-8-|E|----------------|----------------| (X2 per verse line )
So you think you know what's going on inside her head You think she wants your money, but it's you she wants instead Riff 1 Riff 2 When you think about the things that she did long ago It breaks your heart, but deep down boy, you don't want her to go Riff 1
Riff 3 A G E Ge|----------------|----------------|B|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|D|7-----7-7-----7-|5-----5-2---5---|A|7-----7-7-----7-|5-----5-2---5---|E|5-----5-5-----5-|3-----3-0---3---|
You feel your nerves are shattering You feel you want to die Just because the one mistake Of telling you lie Riff 1 Riff 2 If I were you I'd try again and try and make amends She only thinks of you, you know, I'm talking as a friend Riff 1 ******
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