Black Stone Cherry – In My Blood chords

Song: In My Blood
Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Tuning: Standard

I'm in an acoustic band and this is how we play it.

Chords: D5 (No F# on high E string) 
        Asus2 (Just like A only open B String)

Intro:  D5    A5    Csus2    G

D5 Asus2Right here, right now
Csus2 GWe're falling apart while we're falling down
D5 Asus2 Csus2 GWho knew, to hurt would feel this good
D5 Asus2Move along so far from home
Csus2 GMy mistakes go on and on
D5 Asus2 Csus2 Csus2In truth I hate to be alone
Chorus: (Different Strum Pattern)
D5It's in my blood and it's in my bones
Asus2In my heart and it's in my soul
E Asus2And when I'm gone I hope you'll understand
D5When I get home I will make amends
Asus2When Tuesday comes I'll be gone again
EAnd when I'm gone
Asus2 D5I hope you'll understand
(I hope you'll understand)
Asus2It's in my blood
D5 Asus2 I miss your touch and I miss your smile
Csus2 GThe thing you do that drives me wild
D5 Asus2 Csus2 GBut you know, It's the way it has to be
D5 Asus2Another day and another round
Csus2 GI miss my friends in my hometown
D Asus2 Csus2 Csus2But in truth it's the reason that I leave
Chorus Bridge:
F# G5 e x x
B x x G x x D 4 5 A 4 5 E 2 3
F# G5 Would you love me the same
If I never started dreamin'
F# G5Are we better this way
Ever since I started leavin' (Solo is Chorus chords if you choose to play it) Chorus (2x) End on D5
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