Black Uhuru - Shine Eye Gal chords

                          Shine Eye Gal  Black Uhuru

Tabbed by:RootsRadish


F#m Ee||-9---9---7--7-||B||-10--10--9--9-||G||-11--11--9--9-||D||-11--11--9--9-||A||-9---9---7--7-||E||-x---x---x--x-||
This is the rhythm skank for this song. If you aren't familiar with reggae music, skanking is a technique where you don't actually press down on the strings but just place your fingers over the fret, similar to what you would do if you were playing harmonics, but pressing down just slightly, without the strings touching the fret, so that you don't get the harmonic, nor do you get the notes sounding out. It should sound like a scratching sound and is played on the & of the beat inbetween where the bass drum and snare are usually played. This song uses just these two chords, howerer, the pattern changes slightly towards the end of the song. Please rate. ============================================================================
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