Black Veil Brides - The Morticians Daughter chords version 4

Okay so this is my first tab, i'm sorry if its not correct, i learned this by ear. 
But it sounds right to me so i thought i'd share it.

E|-------------0--0-0-------------0--0-0----------------0--0-0-|B|-------------0--0-0-------------0--0-0----------------0--0-0-|G|-----9-------9--9-9--------6----6--6-6--------2-------2--2-2-|D|-------9-----9--9-9----------6--6--6-6----------2-----2--2-2-| A|---7---------7--7-7------4------4--4-4------0---------0--0-0-| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
E|-------------0--0-0--|B|-------------0--0-0--|G|-----4-------4--4-4--|D|-------4-----4--4-4--| A|---2---------2--2-2--| E|---------------------|
and then it just sort of repeats the same proses
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