Black – She Je Boshe Ache tab

hello every one
This is the cord os the bangla song she je boshe ache of Black. 
This is not the original cord, but it workout as a cord as well as lead.
I made it by myself.

cord 1 (E) e ---|---|---|---|---| B ---|---|---|---|---| G -x-|---|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
Cord 23 fr.e ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
Cord 35 fr.e ---|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---|
(verse) cord 1(E) Cord 2 She je boshe ache eaka eaka Cord 3 Cord 2 rogin shopono tar bunete E Cord 2 she je cheye asche bhora chokhe Cord 3 Cord 2 janalar phak meghe dhorte E Cord 2 tar gun gun moner gaan batashe tole Cord 3 Cord 2 kan pato mone tar sunte E Cord 2 tar ronger tulir nache meghera chote Cord 3 Cord 2 chok melo jodi pao sunete -------------------------------- **Please Note** Just play these cords through the rest of the song, Play the cords like 1 2 3 2 1, and please rate this. If any problems occours mail me Ok Enjoy. --------------------------------
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