6th September tab with lyrics by Black - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Black – 6th September tab

    Whats up people this is Darkage with second tab. Its everyone's favourate band 
6th September.

        Note: This is the actual artist's tab so do not try to use it. You  are only 
to use it for practicing or to show-off in front of your GF.


e------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------| G----0---0-----0---0------0---0---0---0----------------------| D---0---0-----0---0------2---2---2---2-----------------------| A------------------------------------------------------------| E-3----3----2----2------0---0---0---0------------------------|
Intro:2(same thing before the chorus starts)
e----------------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------------| G----0---0-----0---0------0---0---2-0---0------------------| D---0---0-----0---0------2---7--------4--------------------| A----------------------------------------------------------| E-3----3----2----2------0---0------------------------------|
Chords used in the Chorus:(Barred Chords) G D Em C C major on the 8th fret. Order: Intro1 Intro1(with the lyrics) Intro2(with the lyrics) Chorus Intro1(with the lyrics) Intro2(with the lyrics) Chorus No comments or remarks welcomed. Just kidding! Mail Me at darkage@yahoo.com. Good Luck.
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