Blackfield - On The Plane chords version 1

Blackfield - On The Plane - Welcome to my DNA
Standard tuning, capo on 4th fret. 

Intro: Am, F

Am FStanding in the corridor, it's just another day
Am FYou never were the kind of boy who ran outside to play
C FYou're passing through the kitchen behind your mother's back
G F C While she says "your father's on the plane"
The rain against the windows, you're waiting on the stairs You double check the driveway for someone standing there You calculate the chances of presents on your bed tonight Daddy's on his way
E GDaddy's on the plane
CSoon you'll meet again
E GDaddy's on the plane
C That's what mother said
F (Bb, Dm, Bb, Dm) While you were waiting
Solo: Am, F, Am, F, C, F, G, F, C (same as verse) Nothing ever happens in your neighbourhood You'd like to run so far away if you only could It seems that all the people have nothing much to say anyway Daddy's on his way Daddy's on the plane Soon you'll meet again Daddy's on the plane That's what mother said While you were waiting
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