Blackfield - 1000 People tab

Song: 1,000 People
Artist: Blackfield
Album: Blackfield II (2007)

Tabbed by Open Mind


Cm Ebe||--------------------------|--------------------------|B||--4-----3-----------1-----|--4-----3-----------1-----|G||-----0-----0--3--0-----0--|-----0-----0--3--0-----0--|D||--------------------------|--------------------------|A||--------------------------|--------------------------|E||--------------------------|--------------------------|
Bb Gme||--------------------------|--------------------------|B||--3-----1-----------1-----|--4-----3-----------1-----|G||--------------3-----------|-----0-----0--3--0-----0--|D||-----3-----3-----3-----3--|--------------------------|A||--------------------------|--------------------------|E||--------------------------|--------------------------|
Cm A thousand people yell Eb Shouting my name Bb But I wanna die in this moment Gm I wanna die Cm And a thousand people smile Eb Smiling at me Bb But I wanna die in this moment Gm I wanna die Abm No way to understand Abm Bm Why I've become the way I am F#m Bm When the sky is filled with stars Esus4 E I find a place inside my heart
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