Blackfield - My Gift Of Silence tab


Verse: Sounds cooler with the open b/e strings in the last two chords!
C#m C#m/A B A|----------------0-----0-----||---5-----5------0-----0-----||---6-----6------4-----2-----||---6-----6------4-----2-----||---4-----0------2-----0-----||----------------------------|
C#m If I compliled C#m/A All my crimes and my lies, B Into one mistake, A Would you come back to me, C#m The smile on my lips C#m/A B Is a sign that I dont hear you leaving me, A And I dont hear my own soul scream Interlude
Verse Chorus: E G#m A Don't blame yourself, E G#m A Don't change yourself, E G#m Just want to be over you A Save your love, E G#m C#m Don't hate yourself Interlude Verse Chorus
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