Blackmores Night – Barbara Allen chords

CTwas in the merry month of May
Am GWhen green buds all were swelling
Dm CSweet William on his death bed lay
G CFor love of Barbara Allen
C He sent his servant to the town
Am GTo the place where she was dwelling
Dm CSaying you must come to my master dear
G CIf your name be Barbara Allen
CSo slowly slowly she got up
Am GAnd slowly she drew nigh him
Dm CAnd the only words to him did say
G CYoung man I think you're dying
CAs she walked slowly o'er the field
Am GShe heard the death bells knelling
Dm CAnd with every stroke it seemed to say
G CHard hearted Barbara Allen
COh mother, oh mother make by bed
Am GMake it long and narrow
Dm CSweet William died for me today
G CAnd I will die for him tomorrow
(And then I decided to make some changes here...) C - Am - G - Dm - C - A7 - D
D They buried her in the old churchyard
Bm AThey buried him beside her
Em DAnd from his grave grew a red red rose
A DAnd from her grave a green briar
DThey grew and grew to the steeple top
Bm ATill they could grow no higher
Em DAnd there they tied a true love's knot
A DRed rose around green briar
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