Blake Mills - Hey Lover chords

Blake Mills - Hey lover

C and F over and over(not 100 % sure about that, but it works just fine)corrections for the lyrics are very welcome
someone plays a solo on a saxophone well you've never seen somebody throw their head so slow I see her (whatever) your lips and drop your ear that way scratch a dog behinds it's ears and then I do the same Hey Lover, Hey Lover etc Blue and white racing striped pick up truck and when did I decided to grow this beard I got well I maybe white but I don't like my people much but I want to race with you and whatch our young (?) hatch and fucking make the first letters of that first names match Hey Lover, Hey Lover etc Im back into ta boring life that I once led I'm stucking white spread asshole on a sofa bed sometimes I hate myself for trying to be so bold but nothing else seems to get the story told Hey Lover, Hey Lover etc I never tell her when she's played a song I never heard because I always learn the music and forget the words but I want to ride with her and I wish our song that will just copy paste, google search and send it to myself Hey Lover, Hey Lover etc
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