Blakroc - Done Did It tab

"Done Did It"
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Standard tuning

Main riff (Chs): G Bb G C Bb G Bb C Bb Ge------------------------I----------------------|B---------3----------5-3-I---------3--3h5-------|G---------3----------5-3-I---------3--3h5-5-3---|D-5-5---5----5-5---5-----I-5-5---5------------5-|A------------------------I----------------------|E------------------------I----------------------|
VS: as you know the Black Keys only have a two musicians ... during the VS there are keys and bass (so they overdubbed in the studio or had a guest ...I haven't seen the liner notes, but the bass just follows the main riff
Turnaround before Chs: G F D C G F D Ce--------------I--------------|B--------------I--------------|G--------------I--------------|D-\5--3--------I-\5--3--------|A--------5--3--I--------5--3--|E--------------I--------------|
That should be close enough
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