Blaudzun – Elephants chords ver. 2


Blaudzun - Éléphants

Sooo this is my first tab, hope you guys like this song as much as I do!
I couldn't find the lyrics nor the chords anywhere so I just took the initiative to find 
them out and share it with you.

Standard Tuning: E A D G B E
Capo: 5th fret

Main: D, Am, G, D
Chorus: F, Em, D


D Am GShe lives in mad houses
D Am GIn warm museums too
D Am GShe reads time as are books in
D Am GBooks are on jesus too
D Am GShe sings at big time rallies
D Am GSmart tunes go lalala..lalala...
D Am GThe key to the city is
D Am GIn the one she moves
F Em D To me.. To me..
D Am GShe lives in shipwreck cars
D Am GIn her houses too
D Am GShe talks to elephants
D Am GTrying to get them to
D Am GSing a long, sing-a-long my darlin'
D Am GThe smart kids go lalala..lalala...
D Am GThe secret in her eyes
D Am GOoh when she looks...
F Em D To me.. To me..
F Em D To me.. To me.. lalala..lalala... lalala..lalala... She talks to elephants!.. She talks to elephants!... Ouhoohoo ouhooohoo She talks to elephants.. Trying to get the to.. Sing along.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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