Bleach – Perfect Family Tab tab

Tuning:E Tuning
7-7-9-9(12X) on A string
Rythym, Drums, and Bass come in 4X
Verse comes in when lead is finished.
Intro and Verse 1
There was this boy, his name was Jerry. He had a girl her name was Sally. They was so happy, so much in love. Drank Coca-Cola in his minibus. (Interlude) A-7-7-9-9(4X)
A few years later, when they got married. They had two kids, and a dog name spot. They was so happy, so much in love. They put there kids to bed and went to watch ben-hur. (Go straight into Chorus)(No Pause) Chorus:2X Same as Verse, all down strokes all the way threw. No pauses in-between. The perfect family, Jerry and Sally. The perfect family.(repeat) (Interlude 8X)
Outro: Same as Verse Sally and Jerry sure been threw a lot. But they remember there promise to God. Jerry's getting older now. Losing his hair. Losing his teeth, but Sally really doesn't care. (Listen to CD to get timing. Ending is slower.) Thats it
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