Blessid Union Of Souls – End Of The World chords

The previous version of this tab was off, but the key was right... Now modified 
for your playing pleasure...

This is normally played on a piano, but sounds solid on a guitar.

(Intro A D) x2

A D E AYou spend half the time dreaming and the other half's a lie
A D E AYou don't know where you're going and you don't know how to try
A D E AYou don't really have a best friend but you think that you're in love
A D E ANow all you can remember are the words he used the most
E ALike the "lie" in believe
E AThe "I" in deceive
GThe "her" in together
DThe "we" in the weather
E A E AHe said a lot of things I'm sure he meant them at the time
C9 G A DBut it's not the end of the world
(A D) x3 Well you didn't see it coming cause you never understood That there's a time to draw the line when things are going good But you just kept on giving beyond the call of love And he was kind to rob you blind of the pieces of your heart Like that part that made you give And the part that made you weak When he would softly kiss you And tell you that he missed you I know it doesn't seem like what I'm going to say is true But it's not the end of the world
C9 G FIt's not the end of the line
G FYou know there's more to love
G FYou know there's more to life
G A DAnd I know there's more to you
Well I can't help but think about you in the middle of the night I know it's kinda lonely but you have to win this fight I just wish that I could hold you and tell you it's alright But it's not the end of the world (A D)
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