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Blessthefall – Rise Up Acoustic tab

I know this isn't up yet so I'm trying to tab it as fast as I can they are such an band... my First tab so here you go just listen for the timing cuz I don't think I showed it right...guitar 1:e-13--------------------|b---13-13-10------------|g------------12-b10-----|b----------------- (x12-|a-----------------------|e-----------------------|
e--------------------------------------|b------13-10-12-10---------------------|g-14-10--------------------------------|d----------------- (x4)then back to 13-|s abovea--------------------------------------|e--------------------------------------| go through that for most of the song for lead
then switch toe-13----------15-----13----------15-----13-----------------------------|B----10-13-10----13-----10-13-10----13-----13-13-10--------------13-11-|G---------------------------------------------------12-10--14-10-------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------|
last time through the chorus playe-13--b-----g---13 until end of songd-----a-----e-----
Guitar 2 in drop d:
there are only 4 chords throughout the song on rythm guitar here they are listen for strum patterne-------------|b-------------|g----10-------|d-0--10--8--5-|a-0--8---8--5-|D-0------8--5-|
haha sorry dude they aren't even in the right order but I gtg to a show tonight so I'll you figure out the rest I don't have time to do the rest enjoy!
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