Blessthefall - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad tab version 4

First of all this is just the Bridge part, like right before they all start

screaming in the very end, yeah you know what i mean. This is my first tab so

if you dont like it then go look at other ones, cuz they are probably better.

I just did this because i saw that the other tabs are all hammer ons and pull

offs, and in the music video they dont do that. They pick different strings

and i tried to find out what they are. They probably arent all correct but

they sound fine. Thanx. Email me at if you need to.

-------------------13-12---13-12---------------------------------}---------------------------------13-10---------------------------}--10----------10-10-10--10-------------------10 ----------10-10--}-----10-12-10------------------------------------10-12-10--x--x--}-9--9--------9--9---------------------------9--9-----------9--9--}-----------------------------------------------------------------} NOTE: DO
] this whole-------------------13-12---13-12---------------------------------} thing twice!---------------------------------13-10---------------------------}--10----------10-10-10--10-------------------10 ----------11-11--}-----10-12-10------------------------------------10-12-10--x--x--}-9--9--------9--9---------------------------9--9----------10-10--}-----------------------------------------------------------------}
--------------- X3 Play this ----> -----------------}-------------10 one after --------------10-}---10--------10 that one. ---10---------10-}--------------- --------------10-}--9--9-----9--- --9--9-----9---9-}--------------- -----------------}
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