Bleu - What Kinda Man Am I chords

                                W h a t   K i n d a   M a n   A m   I ?
                                A   W a t c h e d   P o t   ( 2 0 0 9 )
                                                B L E U

                   +--------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------+
                   + This file is the work of Jordan Lapping and represents his    +
                   + transcription of the song. You may only use this file for     +
                   + private study, scholarship, or research. The contents may not +
                   + be duplicated for use with other websites without written     +
                   + permission. Thank you for understanding. Enjoy.               +
Tabbed by Jordan Lapping Tuning: E (Standard)
CHORDS USED [in order of first appearance]: E G#7 A F#7 F#m7 Am/B C#7 F#m Ame]---0-----4-----5-----2-----2-----0-----4-----2-----5---|B]---0-----4-----5-----5-----5-----1-----6-----2-----5---|G]---1-----5-----6-----3-----2-----2-----4-----2-----5---|D]---2-----4-----7-----2-----2-----2-----6-----4-----7---|A]---2-----6-----7-----4-----4-----3-----4-----4-----7---|E]---0-----4-----5-----2-----2-----------------2-----5---|
F#m* F+ A/E B/D# E7 E* B7 C#m Be]---x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----4-----2-----4-----x---|B]---2-----2-----2-----4-----5-----5-----4-----5-----4---|G]---2-----2-----2-----4-----7-----4-----2-----6-----4---|D]---4-----3-----2-----4-----6-----6-----4-----6-----4---|A]---x-----x-----x-----6-----7-----7-----2-----4-----2---|E]-------------------------------------------------------|
INTRO: E - G#7 - A - F#7 - F#m7 - Am/B - E - Am/B VERSE 1:
E G#7 What kinda man has to hide
C#7 F#m Am And lies to those big brown eyes?
E G#7 What kinda man says he's right
C#7 F#m* F+ A/E B/D# When you knows damn well who started the fight?
E G#7 A F#7 F#m7 If I don't get down on my knees and apologize
Am/B E Am/B What kinda man am I?
E G#7 What kinda man loses sight
C#7 F#m Am And sighs when his baby cries?
E G#7 What kinda man sees the light
C#7 F#m* F+ A/E B/D# Only after she's said goodbye?
E G#7 A F#7 F#m7 If I don't get down on my knees and apologize
Am/B E E7 What kinda man am I? Oh, what kind?
A Am* What kinda man can hardly stand
E* C#7 To look in the mirror 'cause he'll have to see
F#m Am B7 The guy who ruined both their lives?
A Am And I'll say it one more time
E G#7 A F#7 F#m7 If I don't get down on my knees and apologize
Am What kinda man
B C#m What kinda man
F#m Am/B E What kinda man am I?
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