Blind Guardian – The Bards Song chords ver. 2

Left handed
Am Gadd9Now You all know,
Em Am The bards and their songs.
Am Gadd9When hours have gone by,
Em AmI'll close my eyes.
Am Gadd9In a world far away,
Em AmWe may meet again.
Am Gadd9But now hear my song,
DmAbout the dawn of the night.
C G Am GLet's sing the bards' song..
Dm Am Dm AmTomorrow will take us away,
Dm AmFar from home,
Dm F G DmNo one will ever know our names,
AmBut the bards' songs will remain.
Dm Am Dm AmTomorrow will take it away,
Dm AmThe fear of today,
DmIt will be gone,
C Gadd9 EmDue to our magic songs.
There's only one song, Left in my mind. Tales of a brave man, Who lived far from here. Now the bard songs are over, And it's time to leave. No one should ask You for the name Of the one,. Who tells the story. [Ref.:] Tomorrow will take us away, Far from home, No one will ever know our names, But the bards' songs will remain. Tomorrow all will be known, And You're not alone, So don't be afraid, In the dark and cold, 'Cause the bards' songs will remain, They all will remain.
C G AmIn my thoughts and in my dreams,
C G AmThey're always in my mind,
C G AmThese songs of hobbits, dwarves and men,
CAnd elves,
G AmCome close Your eyes..
C G EmYou can see them, too..
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