Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret tab

Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret
(from the Album: Imaginations from the Otherside)

Well, this is the correct Intro-tab of the Song(without Capo),
but it is easier to play with a capo on 2nd fret

1.Lead Guitar|----9-10-9--7-9---7----------------------||-7--------------10---7--9-10-9-7-----7---||---------------------------------9-6-----||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
2.Rhythm Guitar|-2----------4-2----4-2-----------4--2----||-2----------5-2----5-2-----------5--3----||-2----------4-2----4-2-----------6--2----||-4----------2-4----2-4-----------6--4----||-4----------2-4------4-----------4--5----||-2----------2-2------2-------------------|
Tab by Marian
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