Blind Melon – Hell tab

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Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 00:02:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: b/blind_melon/hell.crd

	Hi, This is hell by Blind Melon. It is a gem. This song is so good
to dance too. Oh gosh, look at little beer bottles gliding around on the
floor in the puddle where the big beer bottle smashed, smiling and making
funny, cute faces as they smoke cute bowls!

	For the rhythm, do a quick and nifty strumming of this chord
progression--> E(1st fret)-A(2nd fret)-F#(2nd)-B(2nd)-A(5th fret)-G(3rd)

	E           A
	I have no fingertips
	F#                    B        A      G
	I burned 'em off from too many stove trips
	E		A
	Can't find no fingernails
	F#			   B     A   G
	I ate 'em off cause I was hungry as hell

	(continue rhytm in same way, listen to the record to get it just
         fine and dandy)

	Can't read can't clear my mind
	So here I go I've got to get into this lifetime, lifetime,

	I think I'm gonna build a fence
	to keep inside what little sense
	the sense of taste
	the sense of smell
	the sense to sit here and feel like hell, hell, hell
	Feel like hell.....

	(slow down on this next part)
	The Sun, the moon, the stars
	is that what you a thinking that you are
	As I'll disintegrate over time
	If I expect my body to keep up with my mind
	If I expect my body to try to keep up with my mind

	but today everythings mine
	today everything's mine
	today everything's mine
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