Blind Melon - Wooh God tab

Blind  Melon
Wooh G.O.D.  

Tab by *Metal*warrior*

Am  C  G  F 
Am  C  G
Am  Asus2  Am  Asus2 E

Am	        C	              G		        F
I was just sitting here thinking how youd console me oh yeah! when I was 

                   Am              C			      G	       
pissed and now you know wohohoohoh how Id like to see you run to me wooh 

then they

           Am            C  		         G	        F
took you a long long way away from me wooh and now Im blind ooh and you know 

           Am      C  		                            G	       F
that I can see...  ...a bit better than I could than before, before G.O.D. 

        Am	  C		 G          F
decided to go away aahh that I know I said G.O.D. where dyou go

Am                 C                  G	       F	                   
no no where dyou go wooh where dyou go Wooh I said G.O.D. where did you 

Am                 C                  G             F mute 
go oh where dyou go wooh where dyou go and I said thats why I cant

fight dark fools for you no more...

Guitar 1
Am  Asus2  Am  Asus2 E

Guitar 2|--10/12--10----10----10----9^^^^---||------------12----12----12---------| x2|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------| No more...
Guitar 1 Am Asus2 Am Asus2 E
Guitar 2|--10/12--10----10----10----9-10-9-10-9-10-9---||------------12----12----12--------------------||----------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------| No more.....
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