Blind Melon – Pull tab

This is the tab for the acoustic version of Pull by Blind Melon.  I was very
surprized that I could not find this tab anywhere on the internet, so I decided to put 
version out.  This is the first tab I have ever written so bear with me.  It isn't 
correct, but its pretty good.  At any rate it is still a really fun song to play.


you'll have to figure out the struming pattern; this is just the order. verse: Bm A E Bm A E E B Gb A E*thing
E*thing E (focusing on bottom strings)E-----------------------------0--0--0--|...B-----------------------------0--0--0--|....A----------------0'1----1-----1--1--1--|...D---0'2---2-0--------0--2--------2-----|A-------------0---------2--------------|E-------0------------------------------|
(0'1 just means play 0 and quickly put your finger on 1. I dont know guitar lingo) You can get by with playing E E E (E) (E) (E) E E E where (E) = E-0- B-0- A-1- D-0- A-0- E-0- instead of the above, and just play around with it until it sounds more complicated. Neither one is correct, but I get by with it) Bm A E E nees held arms open wide shades turn.. colors die Bm A E E E E Don't hold to tight to the real its a ...... and it will pull you down B Gb A E*thing * (for the last line, its best to use the E bar chord at the 7th, 2nd, 5th frets) next verse is the same essentially after E*thing do the B Gb A E bar chords and let the E ring out. Then its
Repeat until you want the song to end, then I play
once or twice then:
E----0'0--0------0--0'0--0--------------0---------EEEEEEE----|B----0'0--0---3-----0'0--0----2-3-2-0---------- --E----------|A----0'1--1---1-----0'1--1------------4-2---------EEEEE------|D----0'2--2---------0'2--2-----------------4-2'0--E----------|A----0'2--2---------0'2--2------------------------EEEEEEE----|E----0'1--0---------0'0--0-----------------------------------|
(of course thats not right either, but I lost this version of pull and I can't remember how it sounds. Just fuck around until it suits your taste) comments:
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