Blind Pilot - Three Rounds And A Sound tab version 3

The chords that where out there for this song seemed okay, but the voicings didn't
match up with the little hammer-ons that are in the recording.  That bothered me, so I looked
live videos of them playing the song, and I found one where I could see exactly what he 
and here's what I figured out.

Capo 2 ( Note: Chords and finger positions shown here are in relation to the capo.  The
chord names are C#, Bbm, Ab7, and F#)

Just listen to the recording to get the strum pattern, and play the hammer-ons.

    B       Abm                 F#7                E
            w/hammer-ons      w/hammer-ons       w/hammer-ons

B They're playing our song Abm They're playing our song F#7 Can you see the lights? E Can you hear the hum? B Of our song Abm I hope they get it right F#7 I hope we dance tonight E Before we, get it wrong B And the seasons Will change us new Abm Be the best I've known and you know me F#7 I could not be stuck on you E If it were true B Abm Bb7 E B I was swimming My eyes were dark Abm Til you woke me And told me that opening F#7 is just the start E it was B Now I see you, til kingdom come Abm You're the one I want F#7 E To see me for all the stupid shit I've done (Chorus) B Soil and six feet under Abm Killed just like we were F#7 Before you knew you'd know me E And you know me B Blooming up from the ground Abm 3 Rounds and a sound F#7 Like whispering you know me E And you know me So this was our song This was our song I still see the lights I can see them And the criss cross Of what is true, won't get to us Cause you know me I could not give up on you And the fog of what is right Won't cover us cause you know me I could not give up a fight Soil and six feet under Killed just as we were Before you knew you'd know me and you know me Blooming up from the ground Three rounds an a sound Whispering that you'd know me and you know me So I hope that's right, it sounds pretty decent to me, and it really looks like that's he is playing in the video. Enjoy! - Hannah Complin
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