Blind Pilot - Paint Or Pollen chords

Capo II

Intro: G Bm Dm C G D G X 2

G Bmdon't move an inch
Dm Clisten for a singing
G D Ghitting in your bones like they were forts
G Bmif you hear what I hear
Dm Cdon't just sit there
Gwe are only strumming water
D Gon this most unlikely court
(Same chords continue) you got blown shore to shore not quite sailing riding on the trade winds of age things blow in don't just cast them say it now, what you want to stay I was once on a long boat star mapping the night roots lightening the load just in case but things float in to be taken if you don't know by now what will stay
Gso don't move an inch
Bmdon't move a single second
C Duntil the shade behind your thoughts is not confused
Gbecause I felt your inch
BmI know the scent as well as any
Cclot in your guard
and all paints or pollen
Dbrick in your mortar
petals to soaking
Con the cracks
thicker or finer
Dmilk in your water
black in your primer
Cwood in your brush
now I am your cloth
Dwhatever you want
the best is upon us
C its a finicky muse
Dwith only potential
G-Bmto choose
G-Bmto choose
G-Bm until the end **************************************** -Matt L.
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