Blink 182 – All The Small Things tab ver. 11

Blink 182 - All the small things

Intro:e|-----------------------------------------|B|---------------66666666------------------|G|------55555555-55555555------------------|D|-5-3--55555555-33333333-55555555-5-----3-| A|-5-3--33333333----------55555555-5-----3-|E|-3-1--------------------33333333-3-----1-|
(intro x2) Verse1: C5 G5 All the small things F5 G5 True care truth brings C5 G5 I'll take one lift F5 G5 You're ride best trip Verse2: C5 G5 Always I know F5 G5 You'll be at my show C5 G5 Watching, waiting F5 G5 Commiserating Bridge: C5 (let ring) Say it ain't so G5 I will not go F Turn the lights off Carry me home C5 G5 F5 Nananananananananana nanananananananana na (repeat) repeat intro (x2) Verse3: C5 Late night G5 Come home F5 Work sucks G5 I know Verse4: C5 G5 She left me roses by the stairs F5 G5 Surprises let me know she cares Bridge Instrumental: C (barre) F (barre) G (barre) (x4) Bridge (x2; 2nd time without nanana...) End
___________________________________________________________________________Thats the chords: C (barre) F (barre) G (barre) C5 F5 G5 F5 (in the intro)e|--3----------1---------3-------------------------------------------------|B|--5----------1---------3----------------------6--------------------------|G|--5----------2---------4---------5------------5--------------------------|D|--5----------3---------5---------5---3---5----3--------------------------|A|--3----------3---------5---------3---3---5-------------------------------|E|-(3)---------1---------3-------------1---3-------------------------------|
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