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Blink 182 – Sometimes tab


Intro: [Play this 2x] (Guitar 1) E------------------ B------------------ G--0---5-------7--- D--2---5---5---7--- A--2---3---5---5--- E--0-------3------- Em C G D
Then, guitar 1 keeps playing the Em-C-G-D progression, while Guitar 2 plays this riff: (I'm pretty sure about the timing, but listen to the CD to get it right)
Em C G D Em C G D E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G---------7-7-7-------------------7--------------------- D-9-9-9-9-------10-9-7-----7-9-10---10-9-7-7-9-10p9----- A-----------------------10--------------------------10-- E-------------------------------------------------------
Em C G D Em C G D E--------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------- G---------7-7-7------------------------------------------- D-9-9-9-9-------10-9-7-------------------10-9-7-9p7------- A----------------------10-10-10-10-10-10------------10---- E---------------------------------------------------------
Verse: Em C G D (4x) Chorus: C G Em C (2x) Song order: Intro Verse Chorus Intro Verse Chorus Verse chords 2x.
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